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What is pogex?

PogeX aims to build the first Centralized Exchange focusing primarily on Memecoins trading through Spot and Derivatives.

Our plan is to bring normies into the memecoin market directly to help push the idea of Memecoins mostly and Cryptocurrencies forward.

CA : 0xaed8077b25c88af2e711abdcc24ef9389b028876

Memecoins are a fun way to explore the crypto industry. With the creation of the first memecoin Dogecoin, a lot of people flooded the market due to its memetic nature and entertainment. Same way Shiba Inu, Floki and recently Pepe Memecoins have also onboarded a new set of cryptoholics into the space! Are you looking for the latest Memecoins with huge upside potential to trade with cheap fees?PogeX will be the place!


  • - Creation of Website with elaborated details about the PogeX project
  • - Contract Creation and deployment
  • - Creation of PogeX Exchange social media accounts.
  • - Work on Initial Marketing towards the coin offering of $POGEX
  • - Presale on PinkSale
  • - Finalize Presale and launch on Uniswap with contributors' tokens successfully distributed
  • - Lock Liquidity for 6 months.


  • - Marketing and Partnerships( AMAs, Spaces, Promotions with Kols)
  • - Dextools, DexScreener, etc details update
  • - PogeX Exchange Whitepaper creation and update on website
  • - Apply for CMC&CG
  • - Staking, Lottery and utility development
  • - Development of PogeX Exchange. (Includes UI/UX launch)
  • - Launch PogeX Exchange website


  • - AMAs and Spaces with big Crypto Communities and influencers to promote PogeX Exchange.
  • -Community Competitions
  • - Begin work on PogeX Exchange App
  • - Listing of PogeX Exchange App on Playstore and AppStore


  • - Chinese and Asia marketing campaigns
  • - List $POGEX coin on various Centralized Exchanges (MEXC, LBank, KuCoin, etc)
  • - Regular Buyback and Burn Events to increase value of $POGEX
  • - Vet memecoin projects and get them listed on the PogeX Exchange.


  • - Update PogeX Exchange website and App.
  • - Major marketing for the PogeX Exchange including community competitions
  • - Billboard campaigns

Our Tokenomics

3/3 % , BUY/ SELL TAX

2% , Marketing/ Development

1% , Auto Lp

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